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Commercial Cleaning Services

Since 1992 In Toronto

Bonded and insured, Nite Star Maintenance Services offers daily, weekly and monthly janitorial services for commercial and industrial clients in Edmonton & Nearby Areas.
Disinfectant Spraying

Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic Sprayer, a technology that charges the disinfectant spray, dispersing it at 75 times the force of gravity to ensure maximum bonding with all surfaces.
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Newly Built Homes

Nite Star Maintenance Services offers general nightly cleaning services for a variety of residential and industrial clients in Edmonton.
Commercial Cleaning Services

Since 1992 In Toronto

Bonded and insured, Nite Star Maintenance Services offers daily, weekly and monthly janitorial services for commercial and industrial clients in Edmonton & Nearby Areas.

The Experienced Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Company in Edmonton.

Family-operated Cleaning Services company since 1992, Nite Star Maintenance Services provides professional cleaning services. As a business passed on from grandfather to son, we always strive to do the best job possible to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Insured and bonded, we’ve had various types of companies hire us to complete their cleaning schedules

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What all We Do

we consist of well trained staff and flexible contratcs with variety of industrial & commercial companies, we provide following services and many more customized cleaning services as per clients requirements

A General Scope of Working

Main Entry | Reception Areas

  • Glass doors will be cleaned on both sides.
  • Door frames will be wiped clean.
  • Tiled floors will be swept and washed.
  • Carpet will be thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Doormats will be cleaned.
  • Dusting within normal reach (hand high) will be done.
  • Push plates and kick plates will be cleaned.
  • Furniture and fixtures in this area will receive special attention so that they are clean and presentable.
  • Finger marks and smudges will be removed from walls, doors, doorjambs and light switches.
  • Dusting above normal reach will be done once monthly.


  • All entrance vestibules will be swept and washed upon each visit.
  • Entrance glass will be spot-washed upon each visit.
  • Floor mats or steel grating will be vacuumed or washed clear in the entryways.
  • Door frames and hinges will be washed periodically.
  • Any stairway, landing or railing in this area will be maintained regularly.
  • Boardrooms
  • Desks, tables and chairs will be dusted, washed or vacuumed.
  • All upper and lower-level dusting will be done on a regular basis.
  • Tables, pictures, brasses, etc. will be dusted.
  • Special care will be taken in the appearance of these rooms, as we recognize their importance.


  • All desktops will be cleaned with treated cloths
  • Computer screens and telephones will be washed and disinfected.
  • Desk chairs will be vacuumed in crevices and their pedestals will be washed regularly.
  • Filing cabinets will be washed and maintained regularly.
  • All doors, light switches and door handles will be spot-washed.
  • Carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed, including their corners and edges.
  • Ceiling air ducts will be washed or dusted regularly.
  • A general low-level dusting will be done on a nightly basis that includes:
  • Ledges, tables, bases, light fixtures and other items that sit for long periods of time.
  • On top of pictures, bookshelves, etc.
  • All hard surface floors will be swept and washed nightly, including the corners.
  • A high level dusting will be done on a rotating basis. Other visits will include basic dusting.


  • Walls, splash plates and cubicle dividers will be washed on a regular basis.
  • Ceiling air vents will be cleaned when needed.
  • Garbage will be emptied upon each visit and liners will be replaced.
  • Any toilet tissue holders, soap dispensers, hand towel dispensers, etc. will be replenished where requested. (We can supply all paper products and dispensers at a cost which will be invoiced directly to you or any other arrangement.)
  • Everything will be done to clean and sanitize washrooms to control odours.
  • Floors will be swept, washed and rinsed using a germicidal agent.
  • Urinals and all porcelain will be de-limed regularly to remove staining.
  • All soap scum and staining will be removed from taps and sink enclosures.
  • Toilets will be cleaned and disinfected from floor base upward.
  • * Extra care will be taken for this area for health and safety issues.
  • Cafeterias, Lunchrooms and Kitchenettes
  • All cups, glasses and dishes will be picked up from office areas and placed in automatic dishwashers or cleaned by hand if agreed upon in our cleaning contract.
  • Counters, the outside of cupboards, refrigerators, stoves and microwaves will be cleaned upon each visit.
  • All garbage containers will be emptied, receptacles will be washed and liners will be replaced.
  • Vinyl tile will be dust-mopped, wet-mopped and spray-buffed when that is necessary to achieve maximum appearance.
  • All garbage will be emptied; liners will be replaced where possible and disposed of where designated.
  • Recycling programs will be followed as instructed by management.
  • Window blinds and window sills will be dusted on a regular basis.
  • Stripping and refinishing any tile area (washrooms, kitchen, entrance) is included.
  • Miscellaneous

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Nite Star Maintenance Services is proud to use eco-friendly cleaning products from several well-known manufacturers found within our industry, including:

Frequently Asked Any Question

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Do i have to sign a contract?
No, It's not Necessary. It's client's preference if they want to sign a weekly, monthly or annual contracts.
It depends on the availibility of the team and fixed duration of the work schedule.
Yes, we do after every job is complete, the site gets revisited and get signed off by a supervisor to make sure that the job is complete.
We accept all Visa, Master Cards and Cheques as Well.
Yes, you can hire us For Weekly, Monthly or annually Terms.


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